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The character of the products we sell is often such that a product may be unique, very difficult to get, it’s non-returnable to the manufacturer or distributor and/or its return is connected with high cancellation fees and /or shipping fees. We recommend you order these products after careful consideration or after consultation with a technical specialist.

However, we understand that anyone can make a mistake and you may not need the product you ordered anymore. For such instances, we allow cancelling an order before we send you an order confirmation, however, the latest is 24 hours after placing the order.

In case you wish to cancel an order (return goods) after it’s been delivered, you may send us a written request. However, it is in our sole discretion to accept such a request. If we accept your request to return the goods we will charge you a cancellation fee of at least 25% of the selling price of the goods. Cancellation requests after 5 days since the goods were delivered will not be considered.

For more information about returns and cancellations see our Terms & Conditions.